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At the forefront of innovative solutions

A major provider of thermoplastic, thermosetting and elastomer injection molding machines, Negri Bossi India Pvt Ltd knows what is important: reliable performance and efficient use of energy. Ensuring that customers enjoy a major competitive advantage while remaining environment-friendly, their machines represent the industry benchmark for low energy consumption.

Negri Bossi provides leading companies around the globe with a complete array of standard and specially-engineered technologies for their thermoplastic, thermoset, and elastomer injection moulding requirements. The company is a renowned international leader in the field of injection moulding, with machines that set the industry benchmark for low energy consumption, thus ensuring that customers enjoy a major competitive advantage while remaining environmentally-friendly.

Always striving to create more energy-efficient solutions, Negri Bossi uses brazed plate heat exchangers for oil cooling transmission and heat recovery in the systems. Recently, Negri Bossi decided to switch to the B10T and B80 heat exchanger models from SWEP. The compact size and reliable performance were two of the reasons for the switch, but above all the company appreciated the short delivery time, which was made possible through SWEP’s new distribution point in the area. Located in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, the India Central Warehouse (ICW) guarantees fast deliveries of brazed plate heat exchangers to the Indian market. SWEP can now deliver to most destinations in India within 2-4 days, for standard stock items.

Another decisive factor was the good and timely technical support, where SWEP’s engineers quickly installed and fine-tuned the brazed plate heat exchangers, which are now operating without any problems. “We have used SWEP compact heat exchangers for four years. They offer excellent performance in all mc without any issues”, says Negri Bossi. “All customers also appreciate the heat exchangers which we use in Negri Bossi injection moulding mcs.”