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Energy systems and solutions

SWEP's unique concept for optimized district heating and cooling stations is based on adapting the system to the actual conditions. We start from reality, and then dimension the system to meet the actual needs of the premises. The TDS software that we have developed – a tool for dynamic dimensioning, simulation and analysis - produces an accurate basis for decisions. The result is custom solutions with low operating costs.

Cost-effective system

The system components in a correctly dimensioned system are optimized for the particular premises, which give more stable control, better cooling and less risk of fouling. There is less wear on the system's components, and the running and maintenance costs are minimized. Taken over its service life, a properly dimensioned system is a financially attractive choice.

TDS - for the correct dimension

The TDS software is the foundation for the precise dimensioning of the customer's system. The program takes into consideration actual conditions in both network and premises, and makes it possible to analyze and simulate the result for all outdoor temperatures that occur. Powerful calculating algorithms process the information, and a proposed optimal design is presented. The result is complemented with comprehensive technical documentation.

Proven solutions

Experience tells us that systems dimensioned with the help of TDS function better. Numerous installations prove the advantages - simpler installation, more stable operation, longer service life and more efficient energy utilization; benefits that are appreciated by leading consultants, property owners and energy companies in many different countries.



Flexible system developed for high performance

An efficient solution depends on a number of contributing factors. SWEP therefore offers an integrated solution, right from dimensioning to routine support and maintenance. The system is based on a number of separate stages, each under continual development by SWEP for the highest level of functionality.

Integrated system

The concept is based on a total undertaking, in which we take full responsibility for all parts of the process up to the finished and operating system for the customer. 


The system is designed to ensure the performance and service life of its components, while offering good accessibility for future maintenance and service. The system is developed in accordance with current rules and regulations.

Choice of components

The system's main components are supplied by manufacturers certified by SWEP. Detailed information about the components' characteristics makes it possible to simulate them in our design program.


TDS takes into account real-life conditions in both network and premises, and enables simulation and results analysis for all operating situations encountered.


All components are factory assembled and their function is tested before delivery. Manufacturing, assembly and function testing are carried out under SWEP's close supervision.


The system is installed and commissioned in cooperation with leading installation engineers. The systems are delivered factory-assembled, which saves time and money on the installation. The station is delivered with comprehensive documentation.

Operation and maintenance

A complete package of supplementary services simplifies operation and maintenance. For example, the system can be monitored remotely and control parameters adjusted via the Internet

Complete solution with performance guarantee

A system from SWEP is a safe choice. With stable control, and correctly dimensioned components, our systems offer longer operating time and less wear. They are therefore accompanied by a comprehensive performance guarantee on our undertakings.

Guaranteed confidence

A dimensioned station from SWEP protects you against unforeseen events. Our systems are accompanied by a unique performance guarantee. If you choose to hand over the whole job, from dimensioning to finished installation, we offer you a complete performance guarantee. For up to five years from the system being commissioned, we take responsibility for performance, and rectify - free of charge - any functional defects in the district heating or cooling station.

We prevent and solve support problems

We provide a wide range of rapid and reliable support services. After consulting you and your company about the type of support that best meets your needs, we create a complete support solution. Our package includes monitoring your system via the Internet, for example.

Operating data are produced on-line to our management center so that you, or our experts, can immediately analyze your system's operational status remotely. The appropriate measure can be auctioned immediately. Should service personnel need to visit the system, efficient preparatory work can begin before the engineers arrive on-site.

From design to functioning solution

Precisely dimensioned systems from SWEP create new opportunities for more efficient stations and better returns on investments. Our long experience in the area has resulted in the market's most complete program of district heating and cooling plants for customers. Our unique TDS software makes it possible to calculate accurately the system dimension that gives the most efficient solution in a particular operating situation. Our area of responsibility stretches all the way from the analysis of needs to final operation. You need only one contact - SWEP.

Since a correctly dimensioned system has a better function, we can offer a unique performance guarantee. Our qualified advisers will be pleased to tell you more about what dimensioned stations can do for you and your company.