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District energy

We offer the highest capacity brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) for district heating and district cooling. Compact, reliable, and gasket-free, our BPHEs cut maintenance and installation costs substantially while increasing efficiency. They are already well proven in millions of installations worldwide.

Widest capacity range to match your needs

We offer the widest range of BPHEs on the market, from small units to our highest capacity models that deliver several megawatts of heating or cooling. Our modular concept offers the flexibility you need, while our extensive global experience enables us to cover all variations and regions.

Brazed plate heat exchangers winning ground

Because of its durability, superior life-cycle cost, and compact size, brazed technology is rapidly winning ground in district energy applications. For the past two decades, BPHEs have been replacing traditional Shell & Tube and plate and frame (gasketed or PHE) technologies. BPHEs are the preferred and most common heat exchanger technology in Europe’s district energy networks.

Related products

B649 B633
The B649 is ideal for district heating and cooling networks, HVAC, and industrial projects that need an efficient compact BPHE with close temperature approaches at high operating pressures. The B633 is a high flow capacity BPHE, suitable for a diverse range of demanding applications, such as condenser and evaporator in power generation, engine oil cooler, steam condenser, heat recovery in chillers, or for specific district heating installations. 
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