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SWEP offers solutions for compact heat transfer for low PUE and high-density data centers

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Optimized data center cooling solutions in a small package

In the fast-paced world of digital storage, efficient data center cooling and energy recovery solutions are vital.  SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers excel at providing highly effective, yet compact solutions that do not compromise on space. 

Applications where BPHE solutions are used in data center cooling

Data center cooling solutions for Liquid & Two-phase CDUs

Optimized chiller solutions for data center cooling

Save energy and space with solutions for Free cooling


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CDUs for Data center cooling

Liquid CDU’s for Data Center Cooling

The white area within Data Centers comes with a premium price tag and space optimization is a must when choosing your data center cooling solution. SWEP's brazed plate technology allows for ultra-compact Row or Rack CDUs of unparalleled cooling capacity. Additionally, our 2-Pass flow pattern heat exchangers allow to almost double the thermal performance, within the same footprint, all while minimizing needed design space.

The SWEP range of BPHEs for use with 2-phase fluids is unrivaled. CDUs with a condensing fluid require a precise selection, designed for your application needs. These BPHEs are easily simulated in our selection software SSP, based on real life tests, assuring properly optimized and reliable performance for your system conditions.


SWEP offers a comprehensive range of Heat Exchangers designed for liquid cooling CDU systems in data center cooling applications.

  • Liquid cooling capacity ranges based on Water or Propylene Glycol (30%)
    • Water inlet 25C (77F)
    • Propylene Glycol (30%) Inlet 55C (131 F)
  • For further information or selection help, please contact SWEP.


SWEP offers a comprehensive range of Heat Exchangers designed for 2-Phase CDU systems for data center cooling applications.

  • 2-Phase Cooling based on Refrigerant Inlet range of 16-20 C (61-68F) 
  • Units available in condenser and cascade designs
  • For further information or selection help, please contact SWEP.



Mechanical Cooling for Data Center Cooling

Optimized Chiller solutions

SWEPs wide range of BPHE evaporators for chillers combine innovative plate and distribution technology to maximize capacity and efficiency. We work with all the main refrigerants and many of the uncommon ones, as well as A2L and A3, which makes us the ideal partner for Data Center chillers used for data center cooling. The BPHE technology is also a perfect fit for applications like condensers, economizers and for heat recovery with single or double wall technology.

SWEP offers evaporators with distribution systems that are optimized for a wide range of refrigerants and applications.

The below graphs give an indication of the suitable SWEP evaporator based on system chiller capacity for R134a and R410A

Trane: Meeting and exceeding Ecodesign directives by up to 20% with the help of SWEP BPHEs

SWEP’s True Dual DFX650 helps leading HVAC system manufacturer Trane to meet and exceed Ecodesign directives around SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) by up to 20% and reduce the energy consumption of their customers.

The Ecodesign directive affects all types of industries by setting minimum energy efficiency standards for air-cooled chillers and heat pumps, among others. It is estimated that the policy will save Europeans an average of €490 a year on their energy bills.

Read the full case story here


Free cooling/Economizers for Data Center Cooling

Energy saving cooling efficiency

Energy may be saved if the ambient air or other cold source can be used to cool the server rack with the chiller off, utilizing “free cooling”. Our BPHE technology is ideal to use as an intermediate circuit to separate the external glycol loop with the internal server loop thanks to the high thermal efficiency in a compact format. 

SWEP’s product range includes the largest BPHE in the world with 6” ports capable of handling 1500 GPM (340 m3/h) per unit. The compactness of BPHEs will also allow for a modular setup, assuring reliability for increased part load efficiency and cost-effective redundancy, all which are added advantages for your data center cooling solution.

The capacity reach of SWEP BPHEs extends well into the Megawatt range, offering compact and cost-effective redundancy. 

  • Free cooling capacity ranges based on Water and Ethylene Glycol (30%)
    • Water inlet 16°C (61°F)
    • Ethylene Glycol (30%) Inlet 13°C (55° F)
  • For further information or selection help, please contact SWEP.

Efficient cooling of Infosys’ Data Centers

Large data centers need powerful cooling solutions. Infosys Technologies Ltd., a leading IT company with its headquarters in Bangalore, India, wanted multiple cost-efficient solutions with high efficiency. Project design lead Schneider opted for SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) due to their high energy efficiency and reliable technical support.

The SWEP BPHE is used to isolate the primary and secondary source, as the primary source of water comes from a cooling tower. The secondary source, into which the water was to be fed, is cooling coils feeding critical IT equipment.

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This customer has been committed to the development of precision environmental control technologies applied in large-scale data centers and other business-critical areas.

The SWEP solution with (2) B427 model BPHEs installed allowed for a redundant solution that was much smaller than the customer had initially planned for.

Read the full case story here


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