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SWEP returnees

SWEP have had the pleasure of welcoming back several so-called ‘boomerang employees’ – people who have worked with us in the past, left for a period of time and now decided to re-join the SWEP family. Here are the personal stories and reflections from of handfull of our SWEP returnees.

Anton Olausson, Segment Manager

Anton recalls joining SWEP right around the time of the annual Xmas party back in 2005, a little ahead of the scheduled start date so that he could give a helping hand in the planned floorball tournament. A tell-tale of being part of SWEP, first as Business Engineer, and then Global Account Manager up until the summer of 2013 when he decided to part with SWEP.

When Anton looked into returning to SWEP, it was with a conscious decision not to return to the role that he had left. “I had left SWEP in good spirits and with a mutual understanding, but of course there was a longer process and dialogue before re-joining in my new role as Segment Manager in March 2018.“

“It wasn’t so much the day-to-day work that I had missed. It was the people, the close relationships, the close group dynamics and drive in the organisation."

"I also realized that the opportunity I had with SWEP, where you can actively play a role and take ownership in every aspect of the value chain from innovation and R&D to sales and end-customer, is quite unique.”

“Knowing the market, customers, applications and network within the organisation when I returned was a clear mutual advantage. I also found that the soul and culture was intact. But there is definitely a shift going on and some ongoing structural changes, that are natural when you go from being a smaller entrepreneurial company to a larger company with a more structured approach. ”

“To others who might have thoughts about looking for new opportunity, I would say trust your gut feeling. Dare to take a deep dive and go outside your comfort zone, if that’s truly an urge. No, the grass isn’t always greener, but if you don’t take chances you will never find out. As long as you follow your heart, leave in good spirits without closing doors, there’s really nothing to regret.” 


Michael Stenberg, Continuous Improver

Michael first joined SWEP in 2000 and has actually left and returned twice. He has tried a number of different roles and been part of different groups, mostly within the production, but also in customer support. Since 2019 he has returned to his previous position as Continuous Improver.

When asked what he missed when he left SWEP, the prompt answer from Michael is “my friends” “You get to know people, they are your colleagues but also network and friends. Returning the second time, things had definitely changed with new and improved production facilities and new people. I knew the job of course, but I wanted to develop my leadership skills and take on new challenges and new tasks.”

“When I returned, I walked straight into a positive atmosphere where I felt secure."

"At SWEP we work as a team, internationally and across groups and functions and there’s always a desire to help each other out and an atmosphere of ‘boundaryless’ community – that’s how I can best describe it.”

And a piece of advice from Michael: “If you contemplate making a job move, make sure you follow your heart, keep communication open and make sure you don’t leave with unanswered questions.”


Pia Brooks, Quality Engineer

Pia started working at SWEP in 2005 and stayed until 2017. Her first role was within Customer Support, with a switch to Quality Engineer in 2012, a role she has had since then.

Pia left SWEP in 2017, only to return six month later, resuming her role as Quality Engineer.

“When asked why I left – and why I came back, I always try to give an honest answer. We all leave an employment for a reason, let’s be honest about that, but also seeking new challenges, being curious about other industries, or even changing career-plans completely. Then we have to ask ourselves those questions and try to find the answers.”

“I realized that I missed the sound feeling of knowing what I was doing, with a clear picture of my role and tasks and the support from my manager. And of course, my colleagues in Sweden and around the SWEP world, and the feeling of security that network brings”, Pia explains.

To others who might be thinking about leaving their current job, a piece of advice from Pia:

“Dig a little deeper and go with reasoning rather than just the feeling. Find out what it is you really want – give it a second thought, look inside and land in your decision.”

“When you have a culture like SWEP’s, there is no hindrance to come in with one background and develop into another function. On the contrary, mobility and development is often encouraged. I went from customer care to quality engineering (without any technical background) So why not be curious and open and ask yourself: What else can I learn here?”


Life at SWEP

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