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SWEP launches new SSP G7 software

The new SSP G7.0.3.0 upgrade features an improved cascade module, a connection impact tool and an improved Two-stage application design.

The improved SSP G7 cascade module enables designs of brazed plate heat exchangers that are suitable for commercial refrigeration involving R134a/CO2 or R404A/CO2.

The Connection Impact tool is a new feature in SSP that enables the user to choose connection and check which pressure drop and velocity it will cause. It works as an extension to the normal calculation window. After making the BPHE selection the user can choose to continue to the Connection Impact window which utilizes the result from the current selection.

The Two Stage Application enables design of a system involving both the Radiator and the Two Stage heat exchanger involving after- and pre-heater in what is commonly referred to as Two Stage substation.