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SWEP introduces a complete range of CO2 products

On March 26 at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition in Milan, SWEP introduces a complete range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers for high-pressure CO2 cooling applications.

The range consists of seven products that are tested and approved for the extreme pressure conditions that are characteristic of trans-critical and cascade operations, which are often used in commercial refrigeration systems, such as supermarkets.

The range consists of a U-class, for applications operating up to 140 bar at 135°C, a D-class for applications operating at 60 bar up to 100°C, and the E-class for sub-critical applications operating at 56 bar up to 100°C.

The CO2 product range includes the B16DW, B17 and B9, which are suitable for use as a gas coolers, evaporators, economizers and oil coolers in CO2 trans-critical applications. The 120TH and 400H are made for use as evaporators and condenser in cascade operations, as are the 12H and 25H, which can also be used as suction gas heat exchangers.

Stefano Bellada, Segment Manager Refrigeration at SWEP and responsible for the launch of the new range comments: “The use of CO2 as a refrigerant is changing status from being a "green alternative“ into becoming a strong, commercial solution. SWEP is proud to introduce an environmentally friendly range of products that provide both energy savings, reliability and a lowered footprint. We will continue to expand our CO2 portfolio to meet the growing market needs for eco-friendly refrigerants“.


Stefano Bellada
Segment Manager Refrigeration
+39 039 6882006