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High efficiency and complete range of BPHEs for Chillers

At the AHR exhibition, SWEP launches a new and complete high efficiency product range for chiller applications. This includes a full range of high performance and unique evaporators and condensers that are also climate friendly.

SWEP is able to offer a wide range of BPHE sizes with different plate geometry and different distribution devices to suit the various chiller applications and the technology allows the pressure drop on the secondary side to be reduced while maintaining good heat transfer. In SWEP BPHEs (for example a dedicated R410A evaporator for the 14 to 140 USRT cooling capacity range), the technology reduces the hold-up volume of the inner circuit by 30%. This lowers the charge of R410A, saving money on refrigerant and helping manufacturers comply with environmental legislation. Furthermore, the refrigerant channels are narrower, which increases heat transfer and hence efficiency. On the secondary side, the pressure drop is lower (by some 30% compared with normal chiller cases). This means less load on the secondary fluid pump and an improved COP.

At the AHR exhibition SWEP presents a variety of products for Chiller application:

The DFX310 and the DFX400 are highly effective, versatile True Dual and the natural choice for flexible chillers and climate control applications. Their advantage is their ability to offer full performance at both full and half load. They are optimized for extreme performance with the refrigerant R410A.

The unique B3 enables efficient heat exchange in applications with small flows and extreme demands for compactness. Easy to install and use, the product is small yet flexible, which makes it a particularly good choice for economizer applications and small water coolers.

The B30L is optimal as Suction Gas Heat Exchanger. The main objectives are to minimize gas side pressure drop and to restrict the superheating of the gas to 18-36 F. This will guarantee the efficiency and reduce the wear of the compressor.

SWEP is constantly developing their brazed plated heat exchangers (BPHEs) to optimize energy efficiency and material utilization for the highest sustainability. The development is based on a combination of application expertise and design innovation.

Visit us in The North Hall, Stand: 2535 to see the latest products and for more information!

Media contact available at AHR:
2015 Victoria Arvidsson
Phone: +46 418 40 04 23
Email: victoria.arvidsson@swep.net

For more information about SWEP products please contact:
Stefano Bellada, Segment Manager – Refrigeration, at +39 039 6882006, stefano.bellada@swep.net, or visit www.swep.net

About SWEP

SWEP is one of the world's leading suppliers of compact brazed plate heat exchangers. These products are used where heat needs to be transferred efficiently in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and industrial applications. SWEP has approx. 850 employees and representation in more than 50 countries, and its own dedicated sales force in more than 20 countries. Production units are situated in Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, Malaysia, Slovakia, and China. SWEP is part of the global NYSE-traded Dover Corporation.

About brazed plate heat exchangers

A brazed plate heat exchanger consists of corrugated plates, combined to create complex channels through which a hot medium and a cold medium can be distributed. The media flow in separate circuits but come into close proximity, allowing heat to be transferred from one to the other with very high efficiency. The number, type, and configuration of the cover plates can be varied to achieve the required thermal properties.