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Moving toward our goals with the Carbon Footprint Standard

Facing the serious effects of climate change, the majority of the world’s countries has realized the necessity for a carbon footprint decrease and committed themselves to the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement. Although states and governments set the targets for cutting emissions, particular steps are up to organizations, companies, cities and individuals. SWEP is dedicated to do its part.

The Dover 20-20-20 goal

SWEP is a part of Dover, a corporation of companies that are committed to creating economic value for shareholders and customers through sustainable practices that protect the long term well-being of the environment. Striving to meet the global environmental needs of today and tomorrow, Dover has presented a 20-20-20 goal, i.e. a 20% reduction in energy intensity and greenhouse gas intensity from 2010 to 2020. So far, the reduction is ahead of schedule.

Sustainability work at SWEP

SWEP contributes to Dover’s ambitious goals, first of all by driving the conversion from other technologies and putting more of our highly efficient BPHEs into use. However, at SWEP we also aim to take responsibility for our own carbon footprint. To do so, we need to be able to measure our activities.

Evaluating progress with the Carbon Footprint Standard

An internationally recognized standard for demonstrating low carbon credentials, the Carbon Footprint Standard is a unified and independent method to manage carbon and energy. Aligned with international best practice, it recognizes all stages of carbon management.

During the second half of 2017, the Carbon Footprint Project was driven by a dedicated SWEP team in cooperation with external consultants from the UK-based company Carbon Footprint Ltd. The team assessed SWEP’s carbon footprint for the entire year of 2016, which will be used as a baseline for comparison. By showing commitment to monitor its environmental impact, SWEP has qualified to use the Carbon Footprint Standard brand.