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SWEP Suzhou celebrates 10 years!

On January 12th, 2018, SWEP Suzhou celebrated its 10th anniversary. All levels of SWEP leaders gathered together with the Suzhou staff to share the achievements and joys of SWEP China’s milestone.

On hand to participate in the celebrations and to also give the first speech of the day was SWEP President, Ulrika Nordqvist, who stressed the importance of the SWEP Suzhou staff and how instrumental they were in helping SWEP to reach this 10-year mark in China.   She added, “This is truly a fantastic journey SWEP and you have been on for the last 10 years. There are, of course, important milestones during a 10-year journey. However, it is really all of you that have helped make us what we are today. And when I look back – it is the memories of the people that are the strongest. It is all the small things that all of you do every day that make us successful.”

                                           SWEP Suzhou employees

Chinshaun Ong, the General Manager for SWEP’s APAC region also delivered some words to the group regarding their steady and successful sales growth over the years.  He said, “Looking back for the past 10 years, SWEP Suzhou has achieved consistent growth throughout this time, even through the financial crisis of 2008. The last two years our growth was the strongest ever during the 10 years.  Success is not achieved in one day, but our efforts each day over many years will help us to build a successful company.”

The last speaker was Peter Holloway, Sales Director of South Asia, who covered how highly efficient and environmentally friendly our BPHEs are, which makes them an important part of the global drive for products that help reduce pollution.   Peter remarked, ‘“The demand for our energy saving, highly efficient, less refrigerant using, pollution removing products has never been higher. We continue to invest to increase capacity and the macro market trends look positive for our future development.

We will never forget the role that we play in SWEP and China’s future. Every product we ship out of Suzhou makes a difference in a customer’s system, makes it more efficient, uses less refrigerant, makes it lighter and makes it better overall. In the case of C2E (Coal to Electricity) we are making a real difference in the lives of our fellow citizens, we should be proud of our personal contribution to Chinese society. “

As a very special part of the festivities, all SWEP Suzhou employees that have been there for the entire 10 years of existence were recognized for this achievement.

    SWEP Suzhou employees recognized & awarded for 10 years of service


As we celebrate our first 10 years of SWEP in China, we also look forward to an even brighter future, where we will continue to challenge efficiency and make a difference in the lives of our customers there and all over the globe.