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Cleaning in Place partner

SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers which are exposed to a high risk of fouling or scaling can be cleaned quickly and easily with Cleaning in Place, as a preventive measure or to maintain efficiency. To best support our customers, we aim to create a worldwide network of partners who can offer easily accessible and high quality Cleaning in Place services for SWEP products. Are you one of them?

SWEP Cleaning in Place function.

Your benefits as our partner

  • New business for your company
    We will promote you as a recommended Cleaning in Place service partner via our website, in marketing materials, and via our local sales and customer support.

  • Marketing support
    We offer sales tools to help you promote yourself as a SWEP Cleaning in Place partner.

  • Simplified Cleaning in Place procedure
    We can provide detailed information about the specific units to be cleaned to facilitate your work, including holdup volumes, connections, weight, age, etc.

  • Access to our online calculation tool
    SWEP Software package, our calculation tool, helps you to determine the need for cleaning and the effect of cleaning. Monitor the pressure drops at various flows, open Cleaning in Place Check (under Tools in SWEP Software package​), insert the values in the table and compare them the nominal performance of the unit.

  • Cross-reference for easy exchange.
    The SWEP Software package tool presents detailed product data and can suggest the right product if your customer wishes to replace another brand.

What SWEP expects from you

  • Experience from conducting Cleaning in Place services on brazed plate heat exchangers
  • Satisfactory method for cleaning, measuring, pressure testing and reporting
  • Fluids compatible with heat exchanger materials and environmental requirements
  • High accessibility in terms of resources and geographic coverage
  • Successful field test cleaning of SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers to confirm the above

Are you interested?

Click here to provide information about your company and your Cleaning in Place services. As the next step in our evaluation of potential partners, we will contact you to plan field test cleaning of SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers units.