SWEP's dedication to sustainability

We believe in creating more from less. That our future rests on giving more energy than we take – from our planet and our people. So we are here to lead the conversion to sustainable energy usage in heat transfer, constantly creating more from less energy, material and space. We’re proud of the environmental impact of our products, and we are committed to manufacturing them sustainably and ethically. Read our latest sustainability report here.

Challenging efficiency

Over four decades, the SWEP brand has become synonymous with challenging efficiency. Our approach to sustainability has changed markedly over the years, but the underlying principles have remained the same. We still aim to create more from less and we continue to see innovation as a tool for challenging efficiency. We’ve never lost sight of our purpose: to reduce energy use in heat transfer. As times have changed, we’ve responded. Throughout the world, more people recognize the urgency of the multiple sustainability crises we face. These developments have provoked changes in our own outlook and how we embrace our ESG work.

 Ulrika Nordqvist, President at SWEP, says that SWEP still takes pride in the excellence of their brazed plate heat exchangers and their contribution to a low-emission energy future.
Ulrika Nordqvist, President at SWEP.

Protecting the environment

What started with three Swedish entrepreneurs in a garage in 1983 is now an international corporation with nearly 1200 employees, production in 5 countries and offices in 20 countries. Our founders were pioneers, developing the brazed plate heat exchanger technology to which they dedicated their passion, creativity, and personal commitment. A spirit that is still present, keeping us pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We know that our products are part of a sustainable future and play a vital part in systems supporting electrification, minimizing carbon emissions, and becoming less dependent on fossil fuels.

We challenge efficiency, and we challenge our partners to do the same. Perhaps most significantly for 2021 and continuing in 2022, we have seen our efficient, clean technology make a transformative impact in residential settings. As fossil-fueled boilers become outmoded, our brazed plate heat exchangers have become key components in sustainable alternatives. It’s a chance for us to be central in the transition to energy systems that protect the environment.



SWEP and the ESG Framework

We introduced an ESG framework in 2021, and in 2022 we appointed a dedicated ESG team and board. It was important for us to recognize that the three aspects of environment, social and governance are closely connected and that, to be effective, we would need to address them simultaneously and immediately.

Every day, our products inspire and support the transition to a more sustainable way of life, from our innovations in low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants to our heat exchangers that enable electrification in multiple industries. Our products facilitate a more sustainable future, but it’s also important to look at our overall impact on the world. By analyzing our own operations – as well as the sources of the material we consume and our products’ eventual use – we can get a fuller picture of our sustainability.

We strive for a more sustainable future for our people, environment, and community.

Sustainability reports