SWEP actively contributes to decrease carbon footprint

At SWEP, we believe our future rests on giving more energy than we take – from our planet and our people. That’s why we pour our energy into leading the conversion to sustainable energy usage in heat transfer. Over three decades, the SWEP brand has become synonymous with challenging efficiency. 

SWEP is Certified by Carbon Footprint Standard

It is not just our products that contribute to a sustainable society. Our daily international business operations and working practices also contribute. With sustainable practices in mind, SWEP have been taking steps to decrease our carbon footprint and have successfully been certified as a CO2 Assessed organisation by the Carbon Footprint Standard.

SWEP’s Environmental Sustainability Coordinator – Ľuboslava Drozdová comments:

„We are extrememly pleased to be certified by the Carbon Footprint Standard as a CO2 Assessed organisation. Assessing and tracking our emissions plays an active role in decreasing our carbon footprint and we do this by working on establishment of new evironmental sustainability KPI’s in Freight activities and Electricity consumption throughout the business.  With this step we continue our Carbon Management Journey and strive to reduce our emissions and become a ,,CO2 Reduced Organisation“ in the future.“

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