SWEP Sustainability report 2020

Landskrona, 22 April 2021

SWEP Sustainability report 2020

Vast reduction of scrap, CO2e and freight emissions while keeping safe and focused on customers


SWEP released its sustainability report for 2020. Looking after the safety and wellbeing of staff was a top priority, yet SWEP still managed to drive sustainable development on multiple fronts this unprecedented year, excelling in several fields.

  • Scrap reduction includes a 24% reduction in the Kosice plant.
  • Continued downward trend in the carbon footprint journey – cutting CO2e emissions by 12% in absolute terms.
  • Freight emissions per unit of production by 17%.
  • New auditing procedures, recruitment initiative and diversity workshops as part
    of our drive for gender equality.
  • Mandatory training and compliance agreements for third party agents and distributors to ensure ethical behavior.
  • Comprehensive response to COVID-19.

Focus on people and business

SWEP acted quickly and decisively to protect staff and their families from COVID-19. The result was a comprehensive yet flexible response, involving social distancing, working from home, protective equipment, and hygiene initiatives wherever appropriate. Even in these most challenging circumstances, SWEP has been relentless in resourcing efficient and sustainable heat-transfer solutions and helping customers solve their challenges.

Sustainability key to SWEP’s vision and purpose

Challenging efficiency and create more from less energy, materials and space is ingrained in SWEP. As an integral part of its strategy for development and growth, SWEP’s overall most ambitious sustainability goal is to be a carbon neutral organization by 2030. 2020 saw several major steps towards achieving this. Examples include greener logistics and delivery options and innovative ways to save energy and share waste heat with the community through the ectogrid™ project.

Making a difference locally and globally

The report includes best practice cases from SWEP’s five sites and major markets, aligning with seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in which SWEP focus their contribution.

“It’s been a unique year with unique challenges, and I’m proud of the way we’ve adapted and persevered without compromising our sustainability principles. The drive towards fossil free energy is accelerating, and that offers opportunities for SWEP to contribute to a cleaner planet. Besides helping customers through energy efficient heat transfer solutions, we’ve found inventive ways to reduce our own carbon footprint,” says Ulrika Nordqvist, President SWEP.


Link to SWEP Sustainability Report

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