We are pleased to announce the winners of the SWEP Environmental Award!

The SWEP Environmental Award Program (SEAP) recognizes individuals or teams, who made significant contributions to drive environmental improvement reducing carbon footprint and resource consumption.

The theme for this year's Earth Day is ‘Invest In Our Planet’. SWEP has a long tradition of participating in Earth Day celebrations, but we don’t just talk about the environment one day a year – we work every single day to improve our impact on the world. At SWEP, we believe our future rests on giving more energy than we take – from our planet and our people. That’s why we pour our energy into leading the conversion to sustainable energy usage in heat transfer. For over three decades, the SWEP brand has become synonymous with challenging efficiency. So, this year for Earth Day we recognize some of the environmental investments that our innovative team members have contributed during 2021. It’s wonderful to see the initiatives taken in different parts of the organization to contribute to our common environmental goals. Excellent nominations came in from SWEP Suzhou, SWEP Landskrona, and SWEP Slovakia to be considered for this important award and now we are pleased to announce the winners!

  • Congratulations to Rastislav Godus (Lead Process Engineer) and Simon Jansson (Senior EngineeringSpecialist) on being awarded a SWEP Environmental Award for their contributions to SWEP through theproject of Optimizing Pressing Technology in our plant in Slovakia! Their efforts have paved the way todeliver solution-based value to SWEP. It also gives a great example of team collaboration. Here are thehighlights of their contribution:
    • New press line (PL7) installed in SWEP Slovakia, with an optimized servo power unit.
    • New press line consumes 75% less energy while delivering 20% higher output in comparison totraditional, older press lines.
    • Calculated annual savings of such press line represents 455656 kWh, which is equal to 75Tonnes of CO2e.


Simon Jansson celebrates his award

Rastislav Godus accepts his award


  • SWEP Suzhou is always striving to create more from less energy, material, and space. So, reducingthe unit consumption of water, power, and gas has always been our eternal pursuit. Maintenance atSWEP Suzhou is continuously dealing with the dynamic monitoring and doing their best for continuousimprovements on this topic. During 2021, Dabby Zhang (Maintenance Manager) caught two importantimprovement opportunities and strongly supported the environmental mission and vision. Congrats toDabby on his SWEP Environmental Award recognizing his visions of improvement in this area!
    • Frequency conversion technology application on air compressing.
    • High efficiency heat exchanger with copper integral fin tube technology for Furnace SCN3.

Dabby Zhang and colleagues accept their awards


  • During 2021, Fredrik Nordbladh (Engineering Manager) with the support of Erik Johnsen (Purchaser) initiated and managed the installation of Ectogrid at the Landskrona plant. Ectogrid is a cooperation withE.ON where waste heat from our furnace cooling system is recycled and used to heat up our facilities at the Landskrona Plant. This results in a yearly reduction of new energy usage of about 80 %, a normal year up to a reduction of 770 MWh energy. The next step in this project is to use our waste heat to supply energy to other facilities and neighbors close to the plant. This will reduce the total energy usage in the local community. With their entrepreneurial spirit and drive, Fredrik and Erik have successfully managed to improve the environment by re-using energy.


From L to R: Fredrik Nordbladh, Ronnie Olsson, and Erik Johnsen


SWEP is very proud of all our winners and their strong dedication to improving processes and efficiency while minimizing environmental impact in their work globally throughout the SWEP world. Our employees continue to embody the true meaning behind our pledge to ‘Challenge Efficiency. Make a difference.’ and we are grateful for the shared vision that they strive to convey in their daily roles!

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