SWEP shares exciting update for Phase III expansion of Kosice factory

Last year, Phase III of SWEP’s Kosice factory expansion project started. Now, approximately 1 year after the project first began, SWEP inaugurated the new production and office areas. 

“I would like to congratulate the entire Kosice team for their outstanding work and dedication to finalizing this part of our EMEA expansion. It was a pleasure for me to participate in the opening, and I am proud to see how well our team has put our ambitions into reality,” says Fredrik Paulsson, General Manager, SWEP EMEA.

SWEP’s heat exchangers play a vital part in systems supporting electrification, minimizing carbon emissions, and becoming less dependent on fossil fuels. SWEP optimizes the use of energy, material, and space in heating and cooling systems, and we take pride in contributing to a comfortable and sustainable life for people around the world and providing a competitive edge for our customers.

While the new building was being constructed at the Kosice location, the market demand continued to increase. As a result, SWEP has already started working with our partners to secure additional production equipment for the next extended capacity steps at our facilities in Kosice and Landskrona.

All of these ventures are being initiated with the aim to further support the market with more energy-efficient SWEP BPHEs and be able to produce and supply even more of our products which will help aid the market in reducing overall carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels in future applications.