Shared expertise gives the best result. At SWEP, we use our application expertise, innovative thinking, and personal commitment to optimize each customer’s system. This has earned us the trust of many world-leading manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment. Together, we create products for the future.

Simply smarter heat transfer

Our brazed technology significantly reduces footprint and life-cycle cost – and offers an environmentally superior solution. With us as your partner, you have access to the widest brazed plate heat exchanger range on the market: from the smallest sizes to the highest capacities, matching the needs of both sensitive and aggressive processes, and with third-party approvals for performance to trust.

Customized and well-proven

Shared expertise and integrated development enable us to optimize each customer’s solution. While every application is unique, we also think it deserves well-proven technology that can be trusted to perform cost-effectively. We build optimal combinations of plate design, materials, and connections from standard components. This modular concept ensures maximum output while maintaining short lead times.

Third-party approvals for quality and safety

Every year, close to 3.5 million heat exchangers leave our production sites around the world. Automatic integrated press lines guarantee consistently high quality, and we verify all new products in our heat transfer laboratory. All SWEP's premises are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We offer full traceability and most certifications relevant to heat exchanger duties.

Unique calculation software

Our unique SWEP Software Package enables advanced heat exchange calculations and selections. Simply enter the input data for your application, and SWEP Software Package immediately presents the optimal brazed plate heat exchanger solution. With an intuitive user interface and availability in a number of languages, the program has become a preferred tool for engineers throughout the world. SWEP Software Package is available free of charge on our website.