All-Stainless brazed plate heat exchangers

SWEP All-Stainless range is the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial and utility applications that impose high demands on corrosion resistance and have a low tolerance for contamination.

Durable, compact, and efficient brazed plate heat exchangers for the most demanding applications

Our robust and durable stainless steel range is also optimal for high-temperature and high-pressure applications. Their combination of highly efficient heat transfer and compact design makes SWEP All-Stainless brazed plate heat exchangers the perfect solution for many confined spaces. We can also customize this modular product to meet your specific requirements.

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Best in class on corrosion, leaching resistance, cleanliness and efficiency

  • Highly efficient heat transfer with compact brazed plate technology
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Low contamination tendency
  • Robust design withstanding high pressures and temperatures
  • Compact design fits into small spaces
  • Low carbon footprint with efficient use of material
  • Low on maintenance and cleaning yielding longer lifetime
  • Customized flexibility with modular concept
  • Low refrigerant charge leading to lower environmental impact


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Drying and compressing biogas impose high demands on components such as heat exchangers because of the highly corrosive sulfur content. SWEP copper-free All-Stainless BPHEs are ideal for these applications because they combine highly efficient heat transfer with excellent corrosion resistance and a small footprint.


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Although copper-brazed heat exchangers are successfully used in many oil cooling systems, for some systems with more aggressive oils, copper leaching may be triggered. This may result in initial or regular oil changes, which is time-consuming and costly.

When you choose SWEP All-Stainless products, you get a compact solution that delivers extremely efficient heat transfer while ensuring zero copper leaching, thanks to their copper-free material.

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Ammonia is aggressive to copper. In systems with ammonia as the heat transfer media, traditional copper-brazed heat exchangers are at high risk of corrosion leading to system failure. SWEP All-Stainless brazed plate heat exchangers are ideal for preventing copper corrosion and avoiding system failure. The robust construction is suitable for various ammonia applications, including demanding cascade applications.

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Deionized water

Deionized water is one of the most aggressive solvents known, and corrodes many metals including copper. With SWEP All-stainless you can feel assured that corrosion is prohibited and the lifetime of your system prolonged.


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All-Stainless heat exchangers are preferred for many applications where contamination from the heat exchanger material must be kept low and where hygiene is important, for example in the pharmaceutical and botanical process industries. Our All-Stainless brazed plate heat exchangers have proven performance when contamination by both copper and nickel must be avoided.


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