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All-Stainless: Durable, compact, and efficient BPHEs for the most demanding applications


Best in class on corrosion, leaching restistance, cleanliness and efficiency

SWEP All-Stainless range is the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial and utility applications that impose high demands on corrosion resistance and have a low tolerance for contamination.

Our robust and durable stainless steel range is also optimal for high-temperature and high-pressure applications. Their combination of highly efficient heat transfer and compact design makes SWEP All-Stainless BPHEs the perfect solution for many confined spaces. We can also customize this modular product to meet your specific requirements.

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All-Stainless advantages

  • Highly efficient heat transfer with compact brazed plate technology
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Low contamination tendency
  • Robust design withstanding high pressures and temperatures
  • Compact design fits into small spaces
  • Low carbon footprint with efficient use of material
  • Low on maintenance and cleaning yielding longer lifetime
  • Customized flexibility with modular concept
  • Low refrigerant charge leading to lower environmental impact


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