10. Systems

This chapter discusses various refrigerant systems that have been mentioned only briefly, or not at all, earlier in the handbook. These systems are specific, and have different application areas for heat exchangers. Some areas covered in this chapter are mentioned below.

True dual systems meet the need to be able to change the cooling capacity in large systems. Indirect systems are suitable if the aim is to keep the refrigerant charge at a minimum or avoid leakage in the system. The chapter also deals with reusing waste energy, heating or cooling buildings, cooling at very low temperatures and drying air.

10. Systems
10.1 True Dual systems
10.2 Indirect refrigerant systems with brazed plate heat exchangers
10.3 Desuperheating - heat recovery
10.4 Heat pumps
10.5 Subcoolers
10.6 Economizer
10.7 Suction heat exchanger
10.8 Low temperature systems
10.9 Absorption systems
10.10 Air dryers

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