Circulating chillers

Industrial chillers and cooling systems are used to ensure accurate temperature control. Circulating chillers are typically air or water cooled and transfer heat using the refrigerant cycle to cool an industrial process.

Year-round operations sets high demands on energy efficient systems

Robustness, low refrigerant charge and minimum maintenance requirement are essential qualities for industries such as plastic & rubber, food & beverage, concrete manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutics, where chillers operate in systems year-round and where demands on precision, reliability, and adaption to new refrigerants play a growing role.

Temperature control for the future of industrial heating and cooling

SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers for evaporators and condensers are well known for their reliability, low refrigerant charge and minimum maintenance requirement.

AsyMatrix® is SWEP's innovative asymmetric plate design technology for brazed plate heat exchangers. The increased energy efficiency and better use of the structural material compared with conventional heat exchangers delivers a more sustainable solution in suitable applications.

Our industrial handbook describes hydraulic oil coolers, engine and transmission oil coolers, cogeneration systems, ORC, air dryers, circulating chillers and deionized water cooling systems. For each application, there are many different layouts and solutions.