Process industry

SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers have all the vital qualities demanded by the process industry for various heating, cooling and steam applications and covering a wide range of industries from food and beverage and pharmaceutic to chemical, petrochemical, polymer and pulp and paper production.

Minimal maintenance and long equipment life-span  

In production environments with constant high volumes and automated processing around the clock, robust and compact heat exchangers become essential to offer excellent operational performance, minimal maintenance and long-life span. SWEP heat exchangers excel in these essential qualities.

Customized design solutions for every need 

In addition to the robustness and compactness of our heat exchangers, we are also to offer flexible and customized design solutions to both plates and brazing materials, to fit the exact needs required.

High capacity and stainless-steel options 

Our unique solutions include a wide range of products from small capacity B5T and 10T up to the high-capacity B649 and B633. We offer units with AsyMatrix plate pattern as well as our 100% stainless steel models.

Our industrial handbook describes hydraulic oil coolers, engine and transmission oil coolers, cogeneration systems, ORC, air dryers, circulating chillers and deionized water cooling systems. For each application, there are many different layouts and solutions.