Biogas is a naturally occurring and renewable source of energy, resulting from the breakdown of organic matter. When capturing the natural decay of biological matter, biogas can be valorized as an energy source. Heat exchangers can be used in a variety of biogas conditioning technologies on scales from individual farms to bigger fermentation stations.

Converting and valorizing waste to energy

SWEP's experience from many demanding installations enables us to offer durable solutions across wide temperature spans. End-user applications range from the cleaning and conditioning to liquefaction and regasification of biogas as well as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCAS).

High capacity and effectiveness hand in hand

We have extensive experience in dimensioning heat exchangers as critical components for conditioning and liquefaction of biogas at capacities up to 150 tons/day requiring around the clock operations.

AsyMatrix® is SWEP's innovative asymmetric plate design technology for brazed plate heat exchangers.