Since 1983, SWEP has been advancing the development of Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger technologies and applying expertise in various applications ranging from air conditioning, residential heating, refrigeration to extension in more energy relevant industries.

Constantly creating more from less energy, material and space

With compact and flexible heat exchanger design, we are committed to constantly bringing efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance to systems used in a broad spectrum of industries, creating desired thermal performance as well as economic values from less energy, material and space.

Navigate below to find more about each application where our heating and cooling solutions can help you improve system efficiency and lifecycle, contributing to a sustainable future.

Heat in the form of vapor, hot water or hot air does not have to go to waste. Our solutions help you smartly recover the heat and create more from less.

With global transitioning to liquid cooling and a demand for balancing high performance and energy efficiency, we offer you solutions for low PUE and high-density data centers.

In district heating and district cooling, our solutions are well proven in millions of installations worldwide to help cut maintenance and installation costs substantially while increasing efficiency.

With a long history and experience in residential heating covering comfort and tap water heating, our solutions are ideal for heat pumps and boilers, as well as for heating both tap water and swimming pools.

With climate change and green energy transition, our sustainable solutions are even more imperative for the industry to achieve higher energy efficiency while balancing life comfort.

We offer a wide range of highly efficient, compact and versatile heat exchanger solutions engineered to deliver the higher COP and the lower life-cycle cost.

Heat transfer on an industrial scale is at the heart of the energy industry that supplies our society with everything from fuel to the hot water in our bathroom taps and the electricity in our wall sockets.

Robust and compact, along with long-term reliability and minimal maintenance, our solutions guarantee you vital qualities demanded by industrial process and production applications.

Our solutions are ideal for temperature control applications with their robust and compact design. They offer long-term reliability and require minimal maintenance.

Reliable, low-maintenance, and customizable for optimal performance and lifetime cost, our solutions are perfect for engine, train, and marine use.