Process and production

SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers have all the vital qualities demanded by industrial process and production applications. Robust and compact, they offer long-term reliability with minimal maintenance. Their flexible design and our ability to customize both the plate and brazing materials bring unbeatable performance and lifetime cost compared with other technologies. 

Compressed air dryers are designed to removemoisture from compressed air in order toprevent condensation of water in pneumatic systems.

Industrial air compressors are designed to deliver a stream of compressed air, while maintainingdurability needed for steady manufacturing productions.

With a broad range of brazed plate heat exchangers, SWEP offers solutions to nearly every industrial oil cooling need, including hydraulic, engine, transmission, or lubricating oil cooling.

In the process industry, heat exchangers are used for heating, cooling plant equipment and dedicated auxiliary systems in industries such as pharmaceutics, foodand beverage, chemical, petrochemical, polymer and pulp and paper.

Our industrial handbook describes hydraulic oil coolers, engine and transmission oil coolers, cogeneration systems, ORC, air dryers, circulating chillers and deionized water cooling systems. For each application, there are many different layouts and solutions.