Air conditioning

Air conditioning refers to any process or system that controls the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and movement of indoor air. With rising demand for comfortable climate, environmental-friendly refrigerant as well as green energy transition, sustainable solutions to air conditioning systems are imperative for the industry to achieve higher energy efficiency.

Environmentally friendly natural refrigerants

As a world-leading brazed plate heat exchangers supplier, we are constantly developing and extending our solutions within air conditioning to bring comfort to people’s life and contribute to carbon neutrality for a sustainable society.


Chillers are the single largest energy-using component in most buildings. To keep energy cost down and system performance up while increasing the lifecycle of the components, you want a properly designed and maintained system.

In air conditioning, heat can be recovered at very low cost and used to heat sanitary water, swimming pools, etc., in an environmentally friendly way. Our motto is to use the Earth’s resources wisely by challenging efficiency.