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Data center cooling

Global transitioning to liquid cooling and a demand for more high performing data centers, without compromising on energy efficiency, is more crucial than ever and calls on smart and forward-thinking solutions. SWEP offers solutions for compact heat transfer for low PUE and high-density data centers.

Optimized data center cooling solutions

Efficient data center cooling and energy recovery solutions are vital in the fast-paced world of digital storage.  SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers excel at providing highly effective, yet compact solutions that do not compromise on space. We offer optimized data center cooling solutions in a small package.


Top tips for Data Center Energy Managers

Sustainable energy

Use renewable sources, typically wind, hydro power and solar.

Liquid cooling

Invest in the most efficient system possible. Air-cooled systems will phase out in the short to medium term.

Efficient chiller system with modern low GWP refrigerants

SWEP has a wide range of compact, efficient brazed plate heat exchangers that can serve as chiller condenser, evaporator or economizer. Lower pressure drop in the system leads to reduced pump size and reduced energy consumption. Compact brazed plate heat exchangers means lower carbon footprint and low refrigerant charge. And natural and low GWP refrigerants mean reduced ozone depletion and greenhouse effect.

Free cooling

Take advantage of ‘free cooling’, which involves lowering the temperature in a data center by utilising naturally cool water instead of mechanical refrigeration. With brazed plate heat exchangers from SWEP you have tight temperature approach and can take advantage of free cooling even at small temperature differences (so for a longer period of the year). Large capacities are often needed and with SWEP´s modular system, several brazed plate heat exchangers can be mounted together and give the capacity needed, also adding redundancy.

Excess heat

Data center excess heat obtained from cooling can be recovered using brazed plate heat exchangers and supplied directly to a district energy network if available, or maybe a nearby office building. Income from this will offset your data centers’ energy costs.

White space and the machine room

Optimize your white space by going for compact design with efficient cooling. With brazed plate heat exchangers, the Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) can be designed smaller and even fit an in-rack chassis level CDU. By saving on space, you save money. Chassis level cooling and SWEP’s brazed plate technology are well-placed to manage increasing heat loads, providing an ultra-compact, high efficiency cooling capability.

Download our top tips for data center energy as a PDF