Energy industry

Heat transfer on an industrial scale is at the heart of the energy industry that supplies our society with everything from fuel to the hot water in our bathroom taps and the electricity in our wall sockets.

Long experience adopted for future applicaions

We have a long history of being involved in heat transfer applications within the energy industry. Our compact and reliable heat exchangers are a perfect fit to optimize the heat transfer effeciency while minimizing the downtime and maintenance.  For Co-generation applications we are used in systems up to 15 MW and we are also increasingly used in various applications for renewable energy systems as well as energy storage.

An ever-evolving product range

SWEP offers a wide portfolio of products as a base, but our modular system means we can adapt the product upon customer application. We provide competence and service and calculation program to optimize your system and make sure you get a product that fits with optimized heat transfer.

Various forms of energy storage are more attractive alternatives to increasing load regulation and investment in power generation with more flexible part-load capacities.

The brazed plate heat exchangers offered by SWEP aid in delivering cost-effective and space-saving solutions, having proven effective for all heat exchange components within ORC systems.

We offer the most compact solutions for water/glycol mixture coolers for frequency converters and for system integration with generator cooling systems, and for deionized water in medium-voltage converters in wind power applications.

SWEP has been supplying producers of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells with copper-free heat exchangers for stack cooling and exhaust gas heat recovery for more than a decade.

Co-generation, also known as combined heat and power (CHP),recovers heat that would otherwise go to waste and reuses this to heat office buildings, drying, producing hot water or steam and in various industrial processes.

Brazed plate heat exchangers manufactured by SWEP find application in pre-cooling natural gas and hydrocarbons, and also in the liquefaction and regasification of boil-off gas (BOG).

Heat exchangers can be used in a variety of biogas cleaning and liquified natural gas applications in a range of industrial installations that can benefit from heat recovery and waste reuse.