Residential heating

SWEP has a long history and experience in residential heating covering comfort and tap water heating. Typical applications for our brazed plate heat exchangers are heat pumps and boilers, as well as them being used for heating both tap water and swimming pools.

As a world-leading brazed plate heat exchangers supplier of versatile heat exchangers for applications including heat pumps, we are constantly developing and adapting our solutions in applications.

Solar heating is the most environmentally friendly way to heat water. It is common as a stand-alone heat source, and as an add-on heat source for boilers, heat pumps, or district heating systems.

SWEP is involved in several new and upcoming technologies, and we can provide heat exchanger solutions for many different types of combinatory residential heating systems.

The gas boiler is very commonly used to provide heating and hot water in millions of apartments and houses worldwide, and is the preferred technology where natural gas is readily available.