With a major technological shift underway, replacing synthetic refrigerants with new environmentally friendly natural refrigerants, SWEP works closely with customers and other component suppliers aiming to replace high GWP refrigerants with natural or newly developed low GWP alternatives.

A wide range of applications for refrigeration systems

SWEP offers a wide range of highly efficient, compact and versatile heat exchanger solutions engineered to deliver the higher COP and the lower life-cycle cost. They are used in a wide range of applications for refrigeration systems, including supermarkets, transport such as marine container, truck and trailer as well as ammonia systems.

The purpose of supermarket refrigeration is to provide cooling down to freezer temperature (LT) and refrigeration temperature (MT).

Large containers working as chillers or freezers are used to transport food or other temperature sensitive merchandise.

Because of its better heat transfer properties, ammonia requires a lower heat transfer area than most chemical refrigerants.