Rank® Organic Rankine Cycle technology with applications in heat recovery solution

In a project involving ACCIONA and KEROS CERAMICA, RANK® has worked with SWEP to implement a heat recovery solution for electricity power generation.

Based on Organic Rankine Cycle

Engineer Giancarlo Soler Zabala at SWEP says that RANK® and SWEP work together in the thermo-dynamic part of the project.

“The system is based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. The compact equipment enables electricity to be generated from natural heat sources and waste heat,” says Engineer Roberto Collado Puig at RANK®.

Soler Zabala says: “We have also been involved in the design of the customer's machine.”

High quality and wide range

RANK® has installed SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers in its ORC equipment in the HT-LT series (electricity power from low and medium activation temperatures) and the HTC series (combined heat and power generation, CHP). RANK®'s R&D department is now working on new applications that will include SWEP technologies.ORC RANK® equipment capacities range from 2 to 100 kWe. The activation range for the low-temperature equipment starts at just 85 °C.

SWEP's heat exchangers are installed as economizers, evaporators and condensers. All products involved are from SWEP’s B-series.
According to Dr. Eng. Joaquin Navarro Esbrí, RANK® has chosen SWEP's products because of their high quality and wide range, advantages that enable RANK® to create different solutions for several uses.

SWEP's experience and technical staff 

“RANK® points to SWEP's experience and technical staff in this field. SWEP provides great support with quick and specific answers to our questions, and helps us in the design of our products,” Collado and Navarro say.

Engineer Roberto Collado to the right, with two technicians at RANK®.