Case stories

High temperature heat pumps cut energy cost at new energy center

Vikersund Bad & Rehabiliteringssenter AS is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre outside Oslo, Norway. It provides a wide range of rehabilitation services for different diagnoses and conditions, including cognitive rehabilitation, rehabilitation for rheumatic disease and in response to stroke and traumatic injury.

Oilon and SWEP on the cutting edge of industrial process decarbonization in Brazil

With a shared goal for driving sustainability in multiple applications, SWEP and Oilon take on the task of creating efficient, environmentally friendly solutions for industrial processes.

The Brazilian ice cream market finds cool solution with SWEP evaporators

SWEP evaporators provide strong solution for the ice cream and popsicle market in Brazil.

Joint district heating project for a fossil-free future

Vattenfall’s Hakfort project showcases the largest capacity heat transfer station utilizing brazed plate heat exchangers. This investment of Vattenfall enables the expansion of the Amsterdam district heating grid. In total, the district heating grid will heat up to 290.000 households in Amsterdam by 2040. An unprecedented capacity of 84MW uses SWEP B649 heat exchangers.

SWEP plays major role in innovative Danish district heating project

A former agricultural area in Høje-Taastrup on the outskirts of Copenhagen has been transformed into a thermal energy storage facility. The facility or ‘Heat pit storage’ as it is bestknown, supports the district heating system that serves the Copenhagen metropolitan area. Its purpose is to store district heating from four connected Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants and three waste to energy plants when it is cheap to produce, then to distribute it when it is expensive to produce.

Delivering efficient water heating solution at Recanto das Cachoeiras National Park

Ecogetec, together with SWEP, are striving to help bring comfort and efficiency to everyone looking for unique travel and leisure experiences throughout Brazil.

SWEP provides efficient water heating for Ecogetec system in large resort located in south part of Brazil

Summer in Brazil comes together with scholar vacation. Nothing better than travelling with your family to a huge resort in the middle of nature, with a guarantee of hot water in the swimming pools 24/7.

Fast heating and cooling of beer wort in brewing applications achieved with SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers

Brazil is the third largest beer producer in the world, with an annual production of around 15 billion liters per year. An increase in the number of small craft breweries has boosted this production rate in the last 5 years and SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers have been a big player in brewing applications.

Absolicon solar park heat up Härnösand

Absolicon Solar Collector, a pioneer in the development of sustainable technology, is involved in the development of Sweden’s largest district heating system based on solar concentrating technology. The Högslätten solar thermal park in Härnösand is being built by Absolicon in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency and is the first large capacity solar-powered district heating plant in Sweden for 20 years.

SWEP Condensers proven as a durable solution for Air Conditioning system for decades

SWEP BPHEs working as condensers have been installed in an AC system for 26 years – proving the durability power of BPHEs in applications!

Safe, reliable cooling for hydrogen fuel cell systems on commercial vehicles

FAUN is a member of the long-established KIRCHHOFF Group’s Ecotec division, based in Germany. FAUN’s 2000+ employees develop and manufacture dependable refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) and street sweepers. All FAUN vehicles harness innovation and modern technology to ensure they meet the latest technical standards.

Positively impacting cooling during milk production with SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers

Milk production is one of the main economic activities in Brazil and the country is currently the sixth largest producer in the world. This sector is responsible for the production of up to 25 billion liters of milk a year and the product is a large part of the nutritional diet of most Brazilian families. When a more efficient cooling solution was needed during the milk production process, SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers helped make it happen.