Efficient cooling of Infosys’ Data Centres

Infosys Technologies Ltd., a leading IT company with its headquarters in Bangalore, India, wanted multiple cost-efficient solutions with high efficiency. Project design lead Schneider opted for SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers due to their high energy efficiency and reliable technical support.

Large data centres need powerful cooling solutions

Infosys Technologies was founded in 1981 and is a global leader in consulting, technology, out-sourcing and next-generation services. With clients in more than 50 countries, Infosys helps enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting and operational leadership.

At Infosys, responsibility extends beyond business. The Infosys Foundation provides assistance to some of the more socially and economically depressed sectors of the communities where the company is active. An ethical and honest behavior in all interactions creates long-term relationships with clients, partners and employees. With this approach to business, it is easy to understand why the Infosys executives opted for a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution when they, in cooperation with Schneider Electric, had to come up with a solution for a data centre cooling application.

The brazed plate heat exchanger is used to isolate the primary and secondary source, as the primary source of water comes from a cooling tower. The secondary source, into which the water was to be fed, is cooling coils feeding critical IT equipment.

A major market player of brazed plate heat exchangers

“SWEP is a major market player of brazed plate heat exchangers in the world today. On the first project we selected SWEP based on the parameters on the selection sheet provided by its sales executive. After the installation of the B439 with 4” ports, we know that the design parameters are in line with the selection and that the efficiency meets our requirements”, says Infosys.

A B439 installation.

After seeing satisfactory performance and savings, four more Infosys projects were installed with SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers.

On the 3rd project, in Hyderabad, the brazed plate heat exchanger was upgraded to multiple units of the larger SWEP B649, each with 6” ports and 350 m³/h flow. "The Hyderabad campus project is our most energy efficient data centre and the performance of the heat exchangers plays a major role in this efficiency." says Infosys.       

B649 with 6”ports and 350 m³/h flow installed in the 3rd project, located in Hyderabad campus.