Space- and cost-savings from SWEP AsyMatrix™ brazed plate heat exchangers

Jelly Fish delivers an efficient heat pump solution powered by SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers to a large hotel in São Paulo, Brazil

The challenge

A leading hotel chain, located close to Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo, Brazil, needed a more efficient solution for cold water for the A/C system, and hot water for the buildings various needs, including kitchens, bathrooms, etc. As a tropical country, weather in Brazil is hot and humid for most of the year. Due to this, residential heat pumps are not as common when compared to USA or Europe.

The hotel was using a conventional gas system for water heating and a central A/C system for cooling. This was an expensive solution due to the amount of gas that was being used for the water heating.
SWEP Asymetrix at Mariotte hotel

A unified heating and cooling solution

Jelly Fish, owned by Indústrias TOSI, was tasked with creating a single, unified heat pump solution that could deliver both the heating - and cooling - needs of the hotel. The solution was to install two Jelly Fish HOT 55 WW 58 Heat Pumps working in parallel in the evaporator side and in series in the condenser side, to provide 55ºC hot water for 4 hot water storage tanks of 3,000 liters, which supply the hotel with 326 apartments.

Powered by SWEP

The Jelly Fish HOT 55 WW 58 heat pump system uses two SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers. The first one works as evaporator and delivers cold water (around 7°C) for the central A/C system. The other unit works as condenser, delivering hot water (up to 55°C) for the building's various hot water needs.

Jelly Fish chose SWEP P80ASHx80 for the fixed compressors, and F80ASHx80 for the inverter compressors due to the higher pressure drop in the V-ring type F. Both the P80AS and the F80AS are designed as high-performance evaporators and use SWEP's patented AsyMatrix™ technology.

Swep brazed plate heat exchanger in Mariott hotel

SWEP AsyMatrix™

AsyMatrix™ is SWEP's innovative asymmetric plate design technology for brazed plate heat exchangers. The asymmetric channel configuration smartly combines maximum heat transfer on the refrigerant side with minimum pressure drop on the secondary side. The increased energy efficiency and better use of the structural material compared with conventional heat exchangers delivers a more sustainable solution in suitable applications.

The results

After upgrading the technology to the new Jelly Fish HOT WW 58 system featuring SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers, the hotel chain not only achieved savings of around USD 5,000 per month; as well as those responsible for the hotel who were surprised by the small space occupied by the 2 pieces of equipment capable of meeting all of the hotel's hot water demand, which do not even require space with appropriate ventilation for their operation, since there is no burning of fossil fuels.

And speaking of burning fossil fuels, the monthly reduction in CO2 emitted in the water heating process is around 10,800 kg.


About Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish is owned by Indústrias TOSI, a family-owned company that has produced leading solutions for HVAC-R since 1954. For over 70 years, TOSI has been a pioneer in countless technologies in Brazil and has contributed massively to the development of the Brazilian HVAC-R market.