Brazed plate heat exchangers are commonly used to cool oil and water for engines, hydraulics, and accessories in locomotives in applications such as trams, subways, commuter trains, high-speed trains, cargo trains, and specialized industrial trains.

Maximum efficiency with minimum material

SWEP has significant experience in designing durable cooler solutions that deal with the challenges of highly transient cooling demand combined with extensive downsizing and material reduction consequently minimizing weight.

Keep maintenance to a bare minimum

We can configure our brazed plate heat exchangers to accommodate several oil circuits, which can then be cooled efficiently by one water circuit in one heat exchanger unit.

Capacity to fit all engine size systems

SWEPs products cover a wide range of products from small capacity B5T up to high capacity B649 and can serve engine systems up to 15 MW.

SWEP guarantees top notch quality at all times, anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. Our products have a long service life. This is achieved by controlling the materials used, monitored process parameters, and ongoing and regular product testing.