The gas boiler is very commonly used to provide heating and hot water in millions of apartments and houses worldwide, and is the preferred technology where natural gas is readily available. Compact and highly efficient, SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers enable smaller gas boilers that still achieve the maximum efficiency ratings. 

The best heat transfer and compactness

Our E-type brazed plate heat exchangers have been optimized for high-efficiency water-to-water heat transfer in systems with low pressures and moderate temperatures. Offering the best heat transfer and compactness for both condensing and non-condensing boilers, they are designed to meet your specific requirements for the large-scale production of gas boilers.

Our E-type is the most efficient brazed plate heat exchangers on the market today, with almost all the material contributing to heat transfer. The unit can be equipped with connections for various pipe fittings, or stud bolts for mounting on a hydraulic block.

Gas boiler, commonly used to provide heating and hot water.