Solar heating

Solar heating is the most environmentally friendly way to heat water. It is common as a stand-alone heat source, and as an add-on heat source for boilers, heat pumps, or district heating systems. SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers are a key component in many solar heating applications for harvesting solar energy into accumulator tanks, producing hot tap water, and heating pools. The combination of high capacity in a compact format, efficient heat transfer, and fast response makes our brazed plate heat exchangers the ideal heat exchangers for solar thermal systems. 

Solar charging

The high thermal efficiency of SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers maximizes the yield of solar energy while providing a safety barrier.

Tap water heating

The high efficiency and fast response time of our brazed plate heat exchangers give instantaneous access to hot water. The hot water is not stored in a tank but produced only when needed, so there is no risk of Legionella bacterial growth.

Swimming pool heating

Our high-molybdenum brazed plate heat exchangers are resistant to the potentially corrosive pool water and separate it from vulnerable system components.

Solar heating, the most environmentally friendly way to heat water.