Deionized water chillers

Deionized water is one of the most aggressive coolants known, corroding many metals including copper. End-user applications include lasers, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, laboratory instrumentation, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, food processing, plating, and other chemical processing.

Benefits of using deionized water

The benefit of using deionized water is that it addresses two phenomena that may occur when normal, untreated water is used. First, the high conductivity of untreated water impairs system performance, and second, mineral deposits from dissolved salts and minerals cause fouling.

Evaporators, condensers and coolers loop breakers benefit from SWEP’s heat exchangers with copper brazing, sealix coating and/or with 100% stainless steel, depending on the conductivity of the water.

Sealix® is our revolutionary SiO₂-based thin-film technology that increases corrosion resistance, decreases the tendency for scaling, and increases durability.